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About Soulbound

Soulbound is a Durotan Alliance World of Warcraft Guild

Mission Statement
Soulbound is a socially oriented and casual raiding guild that strives to create a positive gaming environment for players.

Guild Rankings and Definitions
Ranks in Soulbound are based on purpose, not on level or amount of time spent ingame.

Guild Master: Has the same responsibilities as officers and is the final word on guild decisions/issues. 

Council: Guild officers who are entrusted to act in the role of Guild Master if and when necessary, contributes equally in the development and enforcement of all guild rules and policies, performs dispute settlement.

Officer: Guild officers have shown commitment to the Guild and have demonstrated leadership qualities in a positive manner.  They have the trust and confidence of the Guild Master and other Guild officers. They are directly responsible for recruiting, leading end-game activities, has input and votes on policy changes.

Officer Alts: Alternate characters of the Guild Master and Officers. 

Raider: A Member who is raid ready, usually defined by the minimum gear score defined by Raid Leadership to succeed in raiding. Also must have evidence of raid understanding, display willingness to learn, and follows raid leader directions. Is prepared, on time, and is raid aware (does not cause a wipe by inattention and carelessness). Most raid calendar invites will only be sent to Raider level and up.

Member: Standard Member in good standing.  Members are active in guild activities, participate socially, and are positive and productive.  Members are not required to meet our Raid requirements for gear, enchant, or gems. This rank may also include members who are real-life friends or family of existing Guild members and have been vouched for.  They do not receive raid invites but if all requirements are met may begin raiding and eligible for promotion to Raider.

Alts: Alternate characters of Raiders and Members.

New(b): Newly joined Member who is still getting to know us and we them. The initiation period will normally last a few weeks to a few months, depending on the commitment the Initiate shows in participation of guild events, website activity, and social interaction with other members. The Initiate may be removed by the Guild Master if there are complaints or concerns voiced by Members.

Timeout: Rank assigned to those who have been inactive for more than 1 year, who have declared they are leaving the game for a time, or are in time-out from guild chat.  Has no access to guild bank or other privileges.

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